Travis “T-Bone” Turner is a world-class archer who has competed and swept away titles in numerous archery competitions. T-Bone is also co-host of the popular hunting show Bone Collector.

Watch exclusive footage of T-Bone sharing his insightful know-how of the archery biz with tips to help you improve your shot and aim. For beginners and advanced archers, T-Bone shares valuable tips that any archer should keep in mind.

The video below concerns practicing tips and aiming. For more on stance and shooting, check out this video.

[ohubvideo NzODJ2MjrvZQaklxKZf5gFeag7_S6xV- nolink]

So remember to learn the shot on a conscious level, bend your elbows, keep your arms high, expand your chest and pull through the shot. Keep an eye on Outdoor Hub for more upcoming features with Bone Collector and Realtree camouflage.

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