You’re an avid hunter, you’ve been hunting friends’ properties, the backwoods miles away from your hometown and maybe you’ve even been on an international hunt. Did you feel adequately knowledgeable about the land upon arrival? Perhaps you’re the kind of hunter who has not yet ventured outside of his comfort-hunting spots. Here are tips for the both of you to find a new trophy spot and scouting the land.

Nick Mundt is a professional hunter having worked as a hunting guide near his hometown in South Dakota and in his current position as  co-host of the TV show Bone Collector. In this first short clip, Mundt explains how to best scout a hunting area that you’re not familiar with.

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It’s no secret that Mundt’s been hunting and traveling for a while. Who better than to ask for advice on finding a new hunting area than the man who does it most? On Bone Collector they hunt a new location almost every episode. So how do you find the area with the biggest bucks and not the biggest disappointment?

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