On Outdoor Hub you can always be sure to find a plethora of hunting tips and stories written by the experts. Now we bring you hunting tips from the professionals, men who get paid to prove their hunting ability and have fun joking around on a TV show about it. Nick Mundt co-hosts the show Bone Collector and has been hunting longer than your momma’s been cooking.

Mundt makes a career out of traveling and hunting game. He’s seen his fair share of the territories of the world and has made do with what has been available on site. Here is his unorthodox tip for concealing yourself when the terrain doesn’t offer any natural blind spots or you don’t have a ground blind.

[ohubvideo B0YWF2MjopRvCgCTc7Untxw2JlgD4wh8 nolink]

As a professional hunter, Mundt has hunted all over the world. He’s been to Asia, Africa and South America. Yet his favorite place to hunt is still closer than you’d think (if you live in the continental United States) and not far away from his home state of South Dakota. Hear why southern Iowa is Mundt’s favorite place to hunt.

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Photo: Josh Krzywonos

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