We met trap shooter Morgan Dulaney earlier this year at a conference in Utah. Morgan is a heck of a shot with a shotgun. As proof of our claim, how about the fact that she won last year’s National Last Man Standing competition at the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) Nationals in Sparta, Illinois. Now she’s a freshman at the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh. Though enjoying her first year in college, there is one problem — they don’t have a Trap Shooting Team. Well here’s something to help Morgan out.

Thanks to our Collegiate and Schools Department, Morgan and those like her can dig into the NRA’s new Developing a Scholastic Shooting Program. Better yet, they can find it online. Here’s a little of the information to found inside:

Every student, regardless of sex, size, or athletic ability, has the opportunity to participate at some level of collegiate shooting — for a physical education course credit, an intramural level for recreation, or even as part of a club …

Breaking clay targets is an exciting introduction to the shooting sports for many persons. Shotgun or clay target events are popular for a variety of reasons. The thrill of calling for a target, then being able to spot it, raise the gun and track it, and finally hit it requires speed, coordination, and grace. There is the instant feeling of accomplishment at the sight of a target being “dusted” …

Developing a Scholastic Shooting Program gives you all the ins and outs of starting a program at your school. The information inside includes how to go about seeking permission to start a shooting sports program at the school, how to raise funds, ways to promote your program once approved, competitions to take part in and more.

Take a look for yourself as Competitive Shooting’s Developing a Scholastic Shooting Program is now online.

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