Preventing your game meat from spoiling or toughening up starts the very moment you harvest the animal. A wild deer begins to deteriorate the minute it dies and should be dealt with immediately and not retrieved the next morning.

Steve Glass is the inventor of the Trophy Bag Kooler, a dual-purpose (cooling or heating) bag designed to fit and insulate whole harvested carcasses. With many other transportation and proper-care products on the line, he is a trusted expert on handling wild game meat.

Glass has often encountered hunters, both new and old to the trade, who unknowingly mismanage their harvest. He says a lot of it stems from years of misguided knowledge or hunting shows that are concerned with prize points rather than consuming their harvest. When it comes to harvesting animals for food, Glass has a saying that everyone at the Trophy Bag Kooler office is familiar with.

“If you’re going to eat it, take care of how you treat it.”