To ensure that your machine works at optimum performance and you keep your snowmobile repair shop visits to a minimum, take the time to check and care for your snowmobile regularly during the season.

Regular maintenance on your machine could decrease the costs associated with keeping a snowmobile. And in the long run, it could also make your machine last years longer than an uncared-for machine. Better yet, a well-cared-for snowmobile is more likely to have a lower environmental impact and generally results in better fuel economy.

During the season, be sure to:

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s fuel and oil recommendations.
  2. Regularly check the spark plugs (as mentioned, it’s always a good idea to change them at the start of each season).
  3. Keep the engine properly tuned and maintain fluid levels.
  4. Avoid making any aftermarket alterations to your exhaust system. Not only can it result in louder noise emissions, it can also void your warranty and make your exhaust illegal.
  5. Follow Owner’s Manual for regular maintenance tips.
  6. Check the skis & carbides.
  7. Check the track.
  8. Check the drive belt for wear.

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Photo: Matti Piiroinen

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