Ted Nugent gets fired up about politics, gun rights, music and last but certainly not least, hunting. In this video, the Nuge and Nugette (his wife) speak about getting a non-hunter to enjoy the sport, or at least not criticize it.

What do you say to someone who says “I could never go hunting because I couldn’t shoot a living thing”? Ted Nugent has the answer that he shares in the video and more advice on discussing hunting with a non-hunter.

It’s information for those who find themselves constantly defending hunting can use. And those who would like a few sweet words to convince that loved one that doesn’t hunt to come join you out in the field.

Photo: Stuart Chalmers

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5 thoughts on “Ted Nugent’s Advice on Explaining Hunting to a Non-Hunter

  1. God bless you, Ted. Thank you for promoting a lifestyle that is enjoyed by many Americans in a world where providing one’s own sustenance is now, sadly, nore than a litte passe` with the general public. While we’re here, a big high-five to your partner. The Nugette is quite a lady.  

  2. I’m glad to see that Ted includes ” Wild Mushrooming ” as somewhat of a sport ! There are many, many people in the woods collecting and studying wild mushrooms now, for it not to be included. 

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