It’s hard enough nowadays to even afford an ATV, let alone a new one. Then after you get one, you start adding some ATV accessories and a few performance modifications to get it set up for the way you like to ride. After you are all done you really have sunk some cash into this four-wheeled package of adrenalin pumping, thrill ride of excitement. Now you have to be concerned with protecting your ATV from theft!

It seems that every day I read about another ATV or UTV being stolen. Stolen out of garages, campgrounds, while still on a trailer, and even right off the dealer lot. It sucks spending all the time and money getting your ATV just the way you want it only to find out some SOB wants it more than you do and some will do what ever it takes to get it.

So how do you go about protecting your ATV from theft? First thing is just to use a little common sense like not leaving your ATV parked out in the open with the key still in it. Try to make the !#@$%& thief work just as hard as you did to get it. Keep your investment locked up in a garage or other permanent enclosure and keep the key elsewhere.

If you must park your ATV outside, then use a chain or cable to lock it to something secure (like the dog house for your rabid pitbull). Consider an ATV alarm, wheel locks, motion sensing lights for night time. If it is going to be sitting for a period of time (like over the winter) consider removing a tire or two and hide the lug nuts.

If it is parked on a trailer (like at a campground) lock it to the trailer with a chain or cable and use a trailer tongue lock. Never store an ATV on a trailer. If you use an enclosed trailer to store your ATV in then make sure the trailer is locked and secured to something (see previous example).

There are a lot of other ideas on how to protect your ATV from theft but if the dirtbag wants it bad enough he/she is going to get it and in some cases cause extensive property damage in the process. Some home insurance policies will cover a stolen ATV if it is stolen from your property.

For the best protection against ATV theft invest in ATV insurance, you will soon realize it is the best ATV accessory you can have on your ATV or UTV. Most policies will cost less than a dollar a day and cover the following:

  • Bodily Injury Liability – For injuries to other people you become legally liable for in an accident.
  • Collision – For damages to other property you become legally liable for in an accident.
  • Comprehensive – For damages to your ATV in an accident. Also protects your ATV in the event of theft, fire, or vandalism.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured – Protects you in the event you are in an accident caused by someone with no insurance or coverage limits that are lower than yours.
  • Medical – For injuries to yourself and/or your passengers regardless of fault.

If all of this seems like too much trouble you can just make your ATV unattractive to thief’s so they won’t try to steal it:

Protect your ATV from theft by using common sense and investing in ATV insurance. Now stop worrying about ATV theft and get out and ride!


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