For an easy gourmet recipe to bring with you into the outdoors, try Chef Dawn Bause’s zucchini-wrapped salmon. Most of the preparation can be done at home and the recipe doesn’t require many ingredients, yet the flavor and final presentation are spectacular.

On a warm April evening in a Michigan state park, Chef Bause demonstrated multiple recipes that are healthy, delicious and can be easily cooked in the outdoors. Before she got to the zucchini-wrapped salmon, she was cooking a grilled rosemary tilapia (which can still be seen cooking in the video below), a baked rosemary tilapia with tomatoes and vegetable cous-cous.

Chef Bause’s advice to camp cookers is to “prepare ahead of time.” As you’ll see in the video below, she has already cut up all her ingredients, and even pre-grilled the zucchini so she can skip many steps to get to the cooked final product faster.

[ohubvideo code=”M2c2x2NDr8smwh1X9f1xs0i-BcDGcJw-“]


  • 1 salmon fillet cut up into chunks
  • zucchini sliced semi-thin
  • olive oil
  • coarse salt and fresh-cracked pepper (to taste)


Begin by soaking skewer sticks in water (only if they are wooden). Cut zucchini thin enough to be able to wrap it around a ball of salmon, but not so thin that it’ll disintegrate under high heat. Chef Bause uses a mandolin to cut hers. Pre-grill the zucchini on aluminum foil on a charcoal grill just until it becomes soft enough to wrap around salmon without breaking. *May be pre-cooked at home and taken along for the camp outing in a Zip-loc bag. In the meantime, cut salmon into golf ball size chunks. When zucchini is ready, wrap it around the salmon and stick a skewer through the middle as seen in the video above. Grill above the campfire, preferably on an adjustable grill sheet for the campfire, for 10 to 15 minutes, turning occasionally.

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2 thoughts on “Easy Campfire Recipe: Zucchini-wrapped Salmon

  1. Our Women’s Group is having their annual cookout in June. It’s always burgers and dogs. I am going to use this recipe but use scallops instead of salmon. This is such a healthy and yummy substitute for bacon wrapped scallops. I’ll bet it would work with large shrimp, too. Love this idea. Thank you!!

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