Don’t be that guy. Follow at least some of these accepted rules for waterfowl hunting out of a pit blind this coming season. Rule no. 1 should always apply.

  • Rule 1: Watch where your shotgun is pointed and that your safety is on. (Reload after shooting. You laugh! Ever hear that unmistakable click of a shotgun fired without a chambered shell?)
  • Rule 2: Do not watch the rest of your gang set the decoy spread. Help out. (Unless of course your skills at setting fakes suffers and by sitting you’re actually “helping” the cause.)
  • Rule 3: Watch and listen to the designated pit blind boss. They should call the shots for everyone. One hunter should say, “Take ‘em” (insert your own shout-out statement) to indicate it’s time to shoot and the birds are in range.
  • Rule 4: Yamaha ATVs or Side-by-Sides can carry waterfowl gear and hunters to your pit blind. Make sure gear is stored tightly; that everybody is wearing a helmet and safety apparel is being employed. Shotguns can be transported in a gun boot:
  • Rule 5: Do not overcall. Fill a tightly crowded pit blind with a bunch of call-happy waterfowlers and somebody is going to get annoyed. Think as a team: designate one (or several) hunters to handle calling duties, then switch off to keep everybody busy and in the game, including kids.

For rules 6 through 10 on waterfowl hunting out of a pit blind, please visit

Image copyright Steve Hickoff/Yamaha

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