Editor’s note: Mark Rose of Marion, Arkansas, who has won more than $1.5 million, is a professional bass fisherman, a member of War Eagle Boats’ and Strike King’s Pro Staffs and the winner of six FLW tournaments.

Depending on the area of the country where you fish, you’ll often find duck blinds in shallow-water grass where duck hunters hunt during the late fall and winter. If you use your War Eagle boat to hunt as well as fish, you already know where some of these shallow-water spots are. You may not have considered bass fishing your duck holes in the hot summer months, but that’s where I often locate some fantastic overlooked bass fishing. Duck holes often have several ingredients that attract bass. They may have grass around them, and duck blinds, or posts and structures of old blinds there. The duck blinds and grass provide shade, cover and cooler water for the bass. Usually there are an abundance of bluegills and other baitfish too.

Strike King has a new bait out now called the Swim’n Caffeine Shad. I like to put a 1/16-ounce slip sinker in front of that Swim’n Caffeine Shad, and peg the sinker to the head of the shad. I use a bobber stop (a plastic device used to set a bobber at a certain depth. Some anglers prefer to use a toothpick) to peg my lead and a Gamakatsu No. 4/0 or No. 5/0 extra-wide-gap super-light hook in the Swim’n Caffeine Shad. I slow-retrieve the Swim’n Caffeine Shad through the grass, and let the tail of the lure wag back and forth, creating ripples on the surface of the water. If the lure swims through an open hole, a bass often will blow up and eat the bait. I’ll either fish with 20-pound-test fluorocarbon line or 50-pound-test braided line in the weeds in duck holes.

When I target duck blinds, I use a new Strike King flipping bait called the Rage Shellcracker. You’ll often find numbers of bluegills and shellcrackers (redear sunfish) around duck blinds, which offer good spawning habitat for these bream. The bass will hold under these duck blinds because that’s where the dinner table is. Strike King’s new soft-plastic Shellcracker looks like a little bream. I rig it the same way I rig the Swim’n Caffeine Shad, usually with braided line, fish this lure under the duck blind and pitch it to all the posts that support the duck blind. These techniques are the ones I like to use when I’m fishing my War Eagle boat in areas most bass fishermen won’t fish and can’t fish in the hot summer months

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Images courtesy John Phillips

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