September is here and other than bear hunting we now have moose hunting here in Maine. The last week of the month we have a limited “permit only” season. If you have never hunted moose before, you need to keep a few things in mind.

First and foremost, all moose are huge! An average bull will push 800 pounds, and his mate about 500 on average. You cannot just walk up and muckle onto one of these and drag it anywhere. Retrieval of these beasts requires equipment. You can use 4 wheelers in some areas and in all others you will need rope/winches and block & tackle. With that in mind you need to be sure you have all of that with you when you go or you are in trouble.

The key to retrieval is to drop the beast as close to a road as you can. So you can get the trailer as close as possible. Then use the wheeler to drag it over to the trailer and winch it on from there. Alternatively, as I have seen some guys do: drop the trailer and drive the wheeler up onto and then off the front of the trailer as the moose is pulled on. Then rehitch the trailer to the tow vehicle. Whatever works for you. But remember to save enough room for your wheeler.



Another aspect of this hunt is field dressing. If you have never dressed off a moose, then you are in for a rare treat. The heart is huge at about 3 pounds, and a moose liver is about 10 pounds! All of its innards are equally huge and the body cavity is ginormous!

Here is a pretty good video to help you understand the task at hand:



This is not the usual prehunt article, but it is a needed discussion to insure you are prepared for all that a moose hunt entails. In fact I will be going out in late September of this year to help a friend hunt a trophy moose for Pope and Young. Yup, an archery bull of at least 44 inches.

Living the dream…one season at a time!

Image Courtesy of Fisherga

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