Swedish torches are are an efficient fire source that can be used for a variety of purposes. In essence, a swedish torch is a single log standing upright with a fire burning within. When lit, it resembles a torch if you take away the handle and fancy fire containing compartment.

Depending on the size of your log, the fire can burn between two to four hours–just one log! Use it as a light source, a cooking stove (if cut evenly on both ends) or a simple campfire if wood supplies are low.

To make a Swedish log, cut two perpendicular incisions about three-fourths down into the top of one log. Be careful not to split the log from its base. Fill the opening with some type of fire starter (paper, cotton, twigs, etc.) and set alight. Air from the incisions on the side should be sucked into the log to keep the fire going if done properly. In the video, the demonstrator uses a chainsaw, but a handsaw, machete or any other long-bladed knife may work.


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Image screenshot of video by Doogly13 on youtube

  • Ross

    Cool technique, but the author of the article says that you can do this with a machete or long bladed knife. I wonder if he has ever tried cutting long slits into a log like that with a machete? At least a hand saw would be required.

  • Alex

    Ross, this can be done using the baton technique to split wood. You can use any knife or machete to do this if the blade is long enough.

  • mammajo

    what about all the smoke?