Everyone knows that ducks come down the Mississippi Flyway when the weather up north forces them south. But what everyone doesn’t know is when the warm fronts come through, often right in the middle of duck season, the ducks down in Louisiana will move back north where the weather’s cooler. So, ducks go back and forth up the Mississippi Flyway, depending on the weather conditions. Cold weather brings new ducks in from the north, and warm weather brings old ducks in from the south. When those ducks come back from the south, they haven’t forgotten where all the duck blinds, the decoys and the duck hunters have been located on the first southern migration. Therefore, when the ducks come from the south, you have to be really versatile, pick up your decoys and move to new areas where the ducks haven’t seen decoys and blinds previously. Billy Blakely of Blue Bank Resort ( near Tiptonville, Tennessee will tell us all how to hunt these yo-yo ducks in our War Eagle Boats.

Image and video by John Phillips

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