Jason Craig has been a duck guide on Reelfoot Lake near Tiptonville, Tennessee, almost all his life. Today, he’ll give us the five reasons duck hunters miss ducks. Although most of the time we blame our misses on our guns, the shells or the ducks, 99.5% of the time, the reason is shooter error. I’ve hunted ducks for more than 50 years, but often, I’ll miss because I’ve just got to look up and peek at those ducks before someone calls the shot. When ducks see movement in the blind and flare off, no one gets a shot. If I’m not trying to sneak a peek, often someone else in the blind is moving around or trying to look at the ducks. But let’s watch and listen now as this veteran duck guide, who guides every day of duck season at Blue Bank Resort (, explains why most of his hunters don’t take the ducks they’re shooting at.

Image and video courtesy John Phillips

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