Winter is upon us in many corners of the globe and those of us in those chilly climates are beginning to look for those warm nooks and crannies–places to hunker down, snuggle up, and ride out the long days of frost, ice and snow. Over the next several months, travelers will jet off in search of “cozy”, whatever that might mean to them, and Glamping Hub would like to help point those planes, trains, car and feet in the right direction.

Cozy is a Mountain Hideaway

For many people, when winter arrives, it is a time to rejoice and revel in the splendor of the gifts that come with the cold. All the gear comes out of storage: skis, snowboards, snowshoes, fleece jackets, mittens, hats, boots, thermal underwear. Plans are hashed with friends and family for weekend mountain getaways, where clear, chilly days are spent frolicking in the snow and evenings are spent huddled beside a roaring fire.

Luxury Cabins in Grand Teton National Park

While away the snowy days in rustic luxury near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. All the amenities of home wrapped into a warm and inviting cabin on the edges of Grand Teton National Park. Enjoy outdoor activities galore, with access to some of the most beautiful winter landscapes in North America.

Tree House in the Ozark Mountains

Fancy a lofty winter perch? Visit the North Fork River in Missouri to find this one-of-a-kind tree house haven. High in the canopy overlooking the river, lucky guests of this special retreat will stay warm by snuggling up in front of the beautiful stone fireplace and lazing in the whirlpool tub. Outside the door area 350 acres of farmland in the Ozark Mountains, ready for exploration.

Cozy is a Beach Bungalow

For others, winter’s arrival results in an urgent need to escape to a warmer climate altogether. No winter gear needed, just a swimsuit and a pair of flip flops. Cozy is sitting on a sun-baked veranda with a cold drink, staring out at a sapphire sea and listening to the waves softly lapping at the edges of a white, sandy beach.

Stilted Cottages in Indonesia

Hovering above crystal blue waters, these fabulous thatched huts on Kri Island off of West Papua are the answer to your wishes for a winter escape. With the beach and gently lapping sea water literally right at under your feet, there’s nothing else to do but loll in the sunshine and soak up the glorious vitamin D. And if you get the urge to move your body, there are oodles of things to occupy the sunny daytime hours, like snorkeling, hiking, scuba diving and kayaking.

Beach Cabanas in Mexico

Or perhaps you prefer the sparkling, cobalt waters of the Caribbean to be the backdrop of your winter hideaway. Visit the shoes of Tulum, Mexico to discover luxurious cabanas lined up along a wide stretch of pristine virgin beach. Kayak in the warm, salty sea or hike to Mayan ruins. Dig your toes into the hot sand let the sun heat your soul.

No matter how you define “cozy”, or where you go to escape or enjoy the arrival of winter’s chill there’s a glamping site to match.  Time to go!

Images courtesy Glamping Hub

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