The channel of YouTube user primitivepathways contains bare-bones survival tips, TV show audition clips, adventures, and humorous hunting by star Billy Berger. With Berger’s attitude, practical approach, and knowledge in the field of primitive tools, he has been featured on Discovery Channel’s documentary show I, Caveman and has a strong following on his own account.

In the four-part video series below, Berger covers all the basics of making your own primitive bow either for fun or for self-sustainable survival trips. Each video is between eight to 10 minutes and it goes by fast.

Part 1

In the first video of the series, Berger helps viewers determine the best type of tree for a primitive bow, how to split the log, how to remove wood and shape it into the bow (using a draw knife).


Part 2

Part two covers drying of the wood, establishing growth rings, major wood removal, and shaping of the bow.


Part 3

Due to a sped-up drying process, Berger’s bow-in-progress has warped to the side and developed a twist. He demonstrates how to fix that problem. Then, he teaches how to tiller the stave.


Part 4

Part four displays the final product and the details that differentiate a regular bow from an excellent bow. Berger talks about how to fine-tune the finished product and about different bow designs.


View more of Berger’s videos on his Youtube channel, primitivepathways.

Image screenshot of video by primitivepathways on youtube

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One thought on “Video: How To Make a Primitive Bow, a Comprehensive YouTube Series

  1. Thank you so much for doing this. My name is Phillip, and am Deaf. I am also Pastor to the Asheville Deaf Church and we the men are going to start make those bow and arrow. Disappointed on the part 4 have no closed captioned. Hope we understand the last video about finishing the bow. My question is what kind of string you make out of what? Floss string? Again, thank you so much.

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