The first major hurdle in a young pup’s life begins with housebreaking. There’s nothing more stressful for the pup and the new owner than having to keep a constant eye on a bounding floppy-eared ball of energy to insure that carpets and floors are safe from foul secretions.

Crate training Floppy Ears gives a great boost to propelling him/her onto the path to potty freedom. Start Floppy out with its crate as a home base of operation. Floppy will soon learn that the crate is his or her safe zone, and will respect their new house by not soiling it. Keep Floppy in the crate for periods of time when he or she isn’t being closely watched. When it’s time for Floppy Ears to emerge, take him or her immediately outside to perform their duty. Praise Floppy Ears for a job well done when you get the desired result. Then take Floppy back inside with the family for a romp around the house.

After enjoying his freedom outside of the crate for an hour or so, have Floppy again retreat to the crate. Repeat this sequence for several weeks and you will be well on your way to having Floppy Ears house trained.

Another helpful tip would be to take Floppy to the same area in your yard for his or her duty. The scent of yesterday’s work shows Floppy that this is an acceptable location. With that in mind, remember to clean accident locations in your house. The scent of past misdeeds could cause a similar failure in your training process.

Using these techniques consistently should help ease the stress of housebreaking your new pup.

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Image by Mike Koscelniak

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