How to Use a Magnesium Fire Starter


Magnesium fire starters make a great addition to a survival kit and they are fairly simple to use. One of their great benefits is that you typically have a large amount of material to work with and they can be used over and over again. Magnesium fire starters do burn for a short period of time, but they burn at very high temperatures. Typically a magnesium fire starter can be acquired for as little as two or three dollars and at most 10 to 12 dollars.

The quality of a starter goes hand-in-hand with its price–you typically get what you pay for, and some work better than others. The softer the magnesium and the more pure it is, the better it will typically work. The brand I used in the video below is called the “Survivor Fire Starter” and can be found here. Watch the video below to see how I recommend using a magnesium fire starter to get your fire going.

Which fire starters do you use in your survival and camping gear?

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