Although you may not live on a river or lake, I would have to bet that in your daily travels you pass multiple bodies of water that hold fish. On your next trip to work, or to a store, take notice of how many lakes, rivers, or subdivision ponds you past that may allow you to fish. Finding your new spot may be as easy as just wetting a line on the way home from work and catching a five-pound bass or a hand-sized bluegill. Some of my biggest fish have come from county forest preserve lakes that are located in the same county I live in.

Having the right tackle in your vehicle at all times will pay off on these “recon fishing” missions. I prefer a medium-light spinning rod with six-pound mono and a jig head dressed with a white twister tail. I have found that many fish species can be caught on a jig and twister, and though you might not land that pike, you can return with your favorite pike tackle to land the big one on another day. When fishing subdivision ponds, bring a bag along to pick up some trash left behind by others—this goes a long ways with the residents that live on the lake.

Just remember these hidden secrets that you find during the summer and fall months. They could be your winter-time honey holes that you will have all to yourself when most are sitting indoors keeping warm and watching football.

Image courtesy Ice Team/Tod Todd

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