Video: How to Hone a Knife with a Car Window


There are a lot of neat tips and tricks when it comes to keeping your tools in prime condition, but not all are exactly convenient. Take for example the fact that you can sharpen a knife using a coffee mug—if you bring a mug with you to the field, you might as well bring a dedicated sharpening tool. In the following video, Deer Meat for Dinner explains how you can use a car window to put an edge back on your knife.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Depending on the roughness of your window’s edge, it can easily substitute for a ceramic sharpener. While this tip will not work with a dull blade, it will make those chores around camp a little bit easier. Of course, the best option is to always bring along a lightweight field sharpener on longer hunting trips. You won’t always be glued to your vehicle.

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