Have you ever tried cutting rope with more rope? How about opening canned food with your bare hands? YouTube personalities CrazyRussianHacker (real name Taras Kulakov) and KGB Survivalist know their stuff when it comes to survival tricks, and they show off some of them below. Regardless of whether or not they really do come from Russia—or where they got those accents—these two men are more than happy to share the more unorthodox side of wilderness survival.

1. Opening a can without a can opener

Kulakov may be hard to understand at times, but you don’t need fancy words to demonstrate the art of can grinding. If you ever find yourself with a surplus of tasty canned food and a reliable hard surface, then you have your very own can opener.

2. Save your beer cans as portable heaters

Need a quick and portable heater to boil water or to cook your meals? This method has you covered.

3. How to cut rope with more rope

Remember, friction can be your friend. Just be careful that you don’t give yourself rope burn.

4. Make a knife out of a saw blade (or any other sharp metal instrument)

When it comes to wilderness survival, there is arguably no more useful tool than a good knife. KGB Survivalist demonstrates on this reciprocating saw blade how anybody can make a decent knife for under a buck. Of course, you probably won’t have access to a grinder or multiple file sharpeners in a crisis situation, so this video is more for those who are interested in tackling a new DIY project.

5. PVC pipe long bow

Hunting during survival situations usually depends on your level of skill and gear. If you happen to have a lightweight rifle on you, such as the ever-popular Ruger 10/22, then hunting for small game becomes more of an option. If all you have is a knife and a rock however, then you’re likely better off spending your energy on scourging for edible roots and berries. The PVC pipe is a compromise between the two extremes, and is a commonly-found material to boot.

Hopefully however, you’re a better archer than these two tinkerers.

6. Emergency oil lamp

CrazyRussianHacker does seem to have a lot of empty beer cans lying around.

7. AA battery firestarter

Instead of using the power of the sun, or friction, now harness the power of electricity to start your fires. A neat little trick for those without matches, a working lighter, or basic knowledge of how to start a fire. Still, it should work great in the cold as well.

8. Charging your phone with a 9v battery

A survival situation is about exactly that: survival. And that means that the most likely chance of you making it out of your predicament, whatever it is, is with outside help. Nothing is more avoidable than your phone running out of battery just when you need it most, but this simple trick could charge it up enough to make one more call.

9. Waterproof your shoes

Depending on what environment you are in, waterproofing your shoes can save you from a larger headache in the future.

10. Waterproof matches

While you can just buy waterproof matches, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to learn how you can make your own. Just don’t get too close to the flame when you set one off, burning nail polish can’t be good for your health.

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