How to Make a Fishing Lure from Paracord and 5 Other Household Objects


Got some time on your hands and have the nagging feeling that you might be spending too much on your lures? Spending $10 or $15 bucks a pop for hard baits may not seem like something that’s hard on your wallet, but it adds up. Sometimes we think manufacturers make lures to appeal to anglers just as much as they do to fish. Before you know it, you’ve got a bonafide obsession and you can’t stop thinking about shiny new lures.

Time to divert that obsession into something productive. Homemade lures have long been a popular hobby of many anglers. People have been making lures out of spoons or wooden blocks for years, and it’s a great way to cut down on your fishing expenses.

Here are six lures you can make with items already in your house.

1. Paracord

2. Ear plug

3. Stainless steel butter knife

4. Straws

5. Bottle cap

Actually catching fish on one:

6. Pen shell and foam

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