This time-honored method is probably one of the cheapest ways of removing rust from your barrel. In fact, all it takes is a penny (and some oil). In this video, YouTuber Mixup98 shares a Rossi double barrel he purchased at great deal. However, there was a catch—the barrel was heavily rusted over, hence the lower price. That’s not a big problem at all if you know what to do.

This method works because in 1962, the composition of the penny was changed to 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc. Copper is softer than steel, which means it will rub off the rust without making a mess out of your barrel. After 1982 however, pennies transitioned into 98 to 99 percent zinc, so avoid using those.

An hour’s worth of elbow grease and $100 for what appears to be a Rossi in great condition? We’ll take that deal any day.

Image screenshot of video by mixup98 on YouTube

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12 thoughts on “Video: How to Remove Gun Rust Using a Penny

  1. Wouldn’t a piece of copper wire wound up to about the size of a penny do the same thing. Copper bristle brushes are also available.

  2. You know I have been using brownells stainless sponge for 28 years to remove rust! It is made for carding rust and will cut your time down to about 30 min. My time is worth way more than being cheap using a penny and taking 2 hours!

    1. Yes, I got the info and was able to put 2 and 2 together. Long story, but when things clear up we’ll make some noise. Did you read the ammo story???

      1. TUNGA
        Haven’t had the chance.
        It’s not that we disagree on things
        It’s usually that you are on the
        wrong page/chapter !
        Time and experience will cure you.
        You have facts but your sources
        Are a little crooked from time to
        time. Time and patience to let the
        Puzzle pieces fall in place usually
        Does the Trick.
        The Courts with Good Lawyers will
        Sort out Chafe from the Wheat
        A lot of this Speculation is Just That
        Speculation !

      2. Shasta Lantern
        Removed several Post I made to
        You this afternoon. You have replied
        to my post already so he/they must
        have removed post afterwards
        I don’t know if I was banned or
        not. That area of the Country
        Grows a lot of Bleeding Liberals
        Looking for Free Handouts from the
        (Government Sympathizers When they are in Chains they can cry all they want, no one will care or listen)

      3. TUNGA
        Funny He Removes my Posts
        After they have been Delivered
        Shasta was just part of the
        Communication Highway !

    2. Here’s one more:

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