Video: How to Remove Gun Rust Using a Penny


This time-honored method is probably one of the cheapest ways of removing rust from your barrel. In fact, all it takes is a penny (and some oil). In this video, YouTuber Mixup98 shares a Rossi double barrel he purchased at great deal. However, there was a catch—the barrel was heavily rusted over, hence the lower price. That’s not a big problem at all if you know what to do.

This method works because in 1962, the composition of the penny was changed to 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc. Copper is softer than steel, which means it will rub off the rust without making a mess out of your barrel. After 1982 however, pennies transitioned into 98 to 99 percent zinc, so avoid using those.

An hour’s worth of elbow grease and $100 for what appears to be a Rossi in great condition? We’ll take that deal any day.

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