Tactics for Catching Big Spring Bass


There are many things to love about spring, but for anglers who target bass, one of the best is their favorite fish moves shallow to find warmer water to feed and then spawn. To help you prepare for this upcoming fishing season, check out the bass fishing section on Cabela’s Tackle Shop. Here, you’ll learn from the experts on everything from using soft-plastics for catching pre-spawn bass, to tips on finesse jigging. And if you discover that you need a few new lures to begin this bass season, or perhaps make a larger purchase such as a new rod or reel, the items below might be the ticket to help you land the biggest bass of your life.

YUM Umbrella

YUM YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr. – $13.49

The lightweight Flash Mob Jr. is a downsized version of the full-sized YUMbrella and can be fished on almost any spinning or casting setup. Five swivel connections permit attachment of up to five lures. Four blades (choice of Colorado or willow) team with a realistic-looking head to mimic a group of baitfish swimming in tight formation. Super-strong, heat-treated stainless-steel wire enables the system to withstand repeated hits.

Strike King Shadalicious

Strike King Shad-A-Licious – $9.99 (five pack)

From the tantalizing action to the 11 lifelike color options, this fantastic swimbait is made to catch fish. Rig it solo with a jighead or a weighted worm hook and fish with a slow, steady retrieve, or use several at one time on an umbrella rig. Match hook size to bait size (4.5” or 5.5”) for some the finest swimbait action on the market.

Spro Rat

SPRO BBZ-1 Rat – $19.99 – $29.99

The lifelike SPRO BBZ-1 rat – check out that articulated tail! – drives shallow-water spring bass crazy. The single-jointed profile and durable square bill deliver effortless walk-the-dog action as well as a popping action to trigger neutral fish. Featuring super-sharp Gamakatsu trebles, the BBZ-1 Rat is built tough and stands up to repeated strikes. Available in .5 oz./3.25” body length; 1 oz./4” body; 2.5 oz./5.25” body.

Strike King Premier Plus Spinnerbait

Strike King Premier Plus Spinnerbait – Colorado/Willow – $7.59

The new Premier Plus spinnerbait from Strike King features the latest in skirt design with the Perfect Skirt; the Magic Tails serve as trailers. Each painted head is matched to the skirt (8 color choices). The lure comes pre-rigged with a Sabre Point trailer hook. Available in tandem Colorado/willow blades, sizes 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz.

Cabelas ZX Rod
Cabela’s Tournament ZX Bass Casting Rods – $99.99

Available in technique-specific actions, Cabela’s Tournament ZX bass rods are built on HM64 graphite rod blanks, resulting in optimum power, weight and responsiveness. Stainless-steel-framed guides with Hialoy ceramic guide inserts virtually eliminate line friction without adding extra weight to the blank. Other features include: comfortable split-grip handles with MagTouch reel seats; down-locking woven carbon-fiber hood eliminates exposed reel-seat threads; and EVA grips with Winn Grip overlays for a custom, secure grip even when wet. Each technique is clearly displayed on the split-grip handle.

Cabelas Arachnid Reel

Cabela’s Arachnid Baitcasting Reels – $109.99 – $179.99

Cabela’s Arachnid Baitcasting Reels have a wide-aperture T-Wing System that reduces line angles and friction no matter where it is positioned during the cast. Long casts are possible thanks to the reel’s Air Rotation System, and the 12 bearings won’t let you down, no matter how hard you fish. Arachnid’s Ultimate Tournament drag can rein in any hard-hitting bass, and Magforce-Z Cast Control minimizes backlash. The reels feature lightweight aluminum frames, spools and gear housings.

Loomis E6X Rod

G.Loomis E6X Bass Casting Rods – $179.99 – $199.99

If you’re looking for a light, sensitive yet powerful rod at a budget-pleasing price, check out G.Loomis E6X Bass Casting Rods. These technique-specific models have exacting actions so you can catch trophy bass regardless of your favorite technique. Jig and Worm Rods have extra-fast tips in both spinning and casting; Crankbait Rods offer slower, softer actions; and Flip/Punch Rods deliver stiff and powerful action. All rods sport split-grip handles with cork grips, Fuji reel seats and guides.

Shimano Curado Reel

Shimano Curado I Casting Reel – $179.99

For greater gear strength and easy handle rotation, Curado incorporates an X-Ship large-diameter drive gear plus improved bearing support (6 bearing system). The SVS Infinity Brake System offers endless brake settings, and Shimano’s Stable Spool Design (S3D) has a uniform thin-wall-aluminum construction throughout the spool, reducing spool vibration and delivering smooth feel. Other features include: Super Free pinion gear system, Power AL reel housing, offset handle, and reliable Super Stopper anti-reverse with no backplay.

Lews Laser Pro reel

Lew’s Laser Pro Speed Spool Baitcasting Reel – $129.99

Nine premium, double-shielded stainless steel bearings and the zero-reverse one-way stainless steel clutch combine for ultra-smooth operation with the Lew’s Laser Pro Speed Spool. This baitcaster has a Multi-Setting Brake (MSB) dual cast-control system that uses an external click dial for setting the magnetic brakes, plus four individual, disc-mounted internal brake shoes that operate by centrifugal force. The one-piece graphite frame adds strength, and the graphite sideplates come with slip-resistant Soft Touch finish for extra control.

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