$5 and 5 Minutes is All it Takes to Turn Your Pardner Shotgun Into a Takedown


Have you ever wanted to be able to take your Pardner with you but you were lacking the space?  Have you ever wished they produced a takedown model?

Well, good news; it can be done for only $5 and 5 minutes of your time!  All it takes is a d-ring type screw and a screwdriver.


For this Pardner Model SB1, all that was needed was a 21mm long, ¼” d-ring screw (commonly used for camera tripod quick releases).  They can be purchased in most camera stores, or conveniently off Amazon.  Once it acquired, all that is needed is to remove the Philips screw currently holding the assembly together.


Then, the new d-ring screw was inserted by hand until snug and folded in to be non-obtrusive.


One the screw is fully seated it should look like this:


This mod is simple and convenient and allows you to take down your Pardner with ease, and no tools necessary!


This simple modification can take you inexpensive shotgun to a whole new level.


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