Gear for Summer Boat Care


You spent time and effort prepping your prized fishing rig during the pre-season, but every boat owner knows that care and maintenance are ongoing processes. Gear wears out, and hulls, seats and carpeting always seem to collect dirt and grime at an amazing rate.

The key to avoiding extended down time is to take care of the little things as soon as they come up and the big things before they reach critical mass. Here are a few items that will help you maximize your time on the water this summer.

Boat Bling 6-3-16

Boat Bling Boat Care Products – $19.95-$24.95

Boat Bling added four new sauces to its line of boat cleaning and care products. The original Hot Sauce Hard-Water Spot Remover tackles tough spots and smudges from mineral deposits and exhaust and leaves behind a high-gloss wax sealant. Now there’s Vinyl Sauce Cleaner for leather, vinyl and carpeting; Toon Sauce for cleaning aluminum; Condition Sauce for revitalizing interior surfaces and Quickie Sauce for more thorough wax jobs. Besides getting rid of grime, the lineup is made to protect against UV and mildew damage.

Meguiar's 6-3-16

Meguiar’s Boat Cleaning Products – $5.88-$35.99

Meguiar’s has more than 100 years of experience in producing compounds designed to make your boat’s hull to shine like a new dime, and vinyl and rubber surfaces to look like new again. Whether you need to eliminate unsightly oxidation stains, tough water spots or ugly scum lines, or simply put some glint back into the finish, there’s a product in this lineup that’ll do the job on both fresh- and saltwater rigs.

Babe's Well Wash 6-3-16

Babe’s Well Wash – $14.99

When it’s time to spruce up your rig, don’t forget the livewell. Babe’s Well Wash uses probiotics to remove harmful bacteria from the well and its plumbing system, and prevents it from growing back again. It creates a stain-free, odor-free environment that your fish, and your fishing partners, will thank you for.

Attwood Flusher 6-3-16

Attwood Motor Flusher – $11.99-24.99

After a day in the salt or silt, nothing’s better for your marine power plant than a freshwater bath. With Attwood’s Motor Flusher you can prevent corrosion and debris build-up simply by attaching it to the garden hose and placing the cups over the outboard or I/O’s water intake ports. The self-adjusting clamp-style yoke fits snugly for a clean flush every time. Choose round, rectangle or dual cups to best fit your engine’s ports.

Keel Guard Hull Protector 6-3-16

KeelGuard Hull Protector – $118.99-$144.99

Rocks, ramps, sand, coral and debris in the water can all take a toll on your boat’s hull. Prevent that nightmare with an easy-to-install KeelGuard Hull protector. Developed by a boat designer who spent years investigating the best protective materials, this unique guard adheres along the keel using an improved 3M pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive that’s 50% thicker than the previous adhesive. Not only does it protect your rig, its hydrodynamic channel ribbing enhances handling and tracking. One of the 11 available colors is sure to match or accent your boat’s color scheme.

 Cabela's Battery Charger 6-3-16

Cabela’s Advanced Anglers ProSeries On-Board Battery Charger – $79.99-$159.99

Advanced Anglers’ newest generation of ProSeries On-Board Battery Chargers boast updated, all-digital microprocessor-controlled charging technology that also conditions and maintains batteries to ensure a maximum life span. Choose between easily-selected charging profiles: ProSeries Performance/Flooded, which uses sequential multistage charging to bring any lead-acid, AGM or gel battery quickly and safely to full power; or ProSeries Maintenance Mode for safe short- or long-term storage. Plus, they’re up to 40% lighter than the previous models.

Cabela's Battery series 27 6-3-16

Cabela’s Advanced Anglers AGM Batteries – $129.99-$199.99

Inferior boat batteries can ruin a fishing trip, maybe even an entire season, so it pays to shop smart and choose wisely when it’s time to replace your old ones. Cabela’s Advanced Anglers series uses a separator similar to fiberglass to hold the electrolyte in place, and the bond between the separator fibers, lead plates and the container completely eliminates leaks and makes them among the most vibration- and impact-resistant batteries available. The maintenance-free batteries can be used as a cranking or a deep-cycle power source, and are designed to last through up to 600 drain/charge cycles.

Schumacher Speed Charger 6-3-16

Schumacher Ship ‘N’ Shore Speed Charger – $59.99

If your power needs require a mobile charging system, the Ship ‘N’ Speed Charger is perfect for automotive, marine and machinery use. It safely charges side- or top-post AGM, gel or deep-cycle batteries, and automatically diagnoses battery problems. Easy-to-operate electronic push-button controls let you monitor battery condition and adjust charge rate. A digital meter displays charge status and test results, and a maintenance mode keeps batteries in peak condition.

Cabela's Bimini Top 6-3-16

Cabela’s Solarskin Adjustable Bimini Tops – $339.98-$439.99

Solarskin Bimini Tops are made from durable 600-denier polyester fabric, which resists moisture, fading and cracking while protecting you and your crew from the rain and sun. Stainless steel fittings and heavy-walled tubing form a rugged, durable support structure, while the Solarskin fabric is UV- and mildew-resistant, for long life. The series covers a variety of boat sizes and comes with a seven-year limited warranty on the fabric.

Hardline Letter & Number Kit 6-3-16

Hardline Products Boat Registration Letter & Number Kit – $14.99-$21.99

You can give your rig a custom look with a Coast Guard-regulation letter and number kit from Hardline Products. Each kit contains 3-inch regulation numbers and letters in your choice of factory-matched colors. All are made with sun-screen-coated inks and are specially treated to resist fuel, fading and scratches. Each kit includes four sets of letters (A-Z) and four sets of numbers (0-9).

This article was produced in cooperation with Cabela’s.

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