Not good – you left your coffee mug on the kitchen counter back home, and it’s the first morning of a 3-day camping trip. Sure, you could haul your butt back to the nearest convenience store, but is that what Jeremiah Johnson would do? No sir. It’s time to get busy building your own backcountry coffee mug.

You’ll need a knife, pliers and a can of beans.

1: Eat the canned beans – cold or hot – or simply store them in another container.

coffee cup 2 9-1-16

2: Wash the inside of the can.

3: Using your pliers, make two straight parallel cuts about 1 inch apart. Then, fold the section down making it into a flap.

coffee cup 3 9-1-16

4: Cut down the can further with your knife. This flap will be your mug’s handle.

coffee cup 4 9-1-16

5: Make a cut around the can’s circumference, starting at the top of the flap/handle. Discard the can’s upper half.

coffee cup 5 9-1-16

Step 6 7-15-16

6: To avoid cutting yourself while drinking, fold down the sharp rim with your pliers.

Step 7 7-15-16

7: Brew your coffee on an open fire and then drink it like a mountain man.

lead image 7-15-16

P.S. Check out Cowboy Kent Rollins video below for tips on making the best pot of cowboy coffee.

Images by Blak Alma

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One thought on “Camping DIY: 7 Steps to Making an Outdoorsman’s Coffee Mug

  1. Don’t be so fast about throwing away the top of that can, you may want to use it as a reflector for a candle, or even find another way to repurpose it.

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