You can define a hunter as a person that pursues wild game for food and sport. Bow and crossbow hunters fit that definition, but you’ll have to add in an amendment because they also seek out extreme challenges and face tests that interfere with success at every turn of the trail. Does this define you? If so, you need the right gear for bowhunting success. Thankfully, modern archers have a few equipment advantages over pioneer forefathers such as Saxton Pope and Art Young.

Bowmaster Bow Press 8-9-16

You never know when a compound bow will go down in the field. Be ready with the Bowmaster Portable Bow Press G2. It’s compact enough to tote in a daypack, and even works on modern, short compound bows, plus bows of any length. Special split-limb brackets are available for quad-limb bow models. You get the advantages of a pro shop in the field for $54.99.

String Separator 8-9-16

Whether you are the do-it-yourself type or simply need a peep sight adjustment in the field, you’ll want the Cabela’s String Separator. This handy gadget aids in separating strings for fast additions of any string-attached accessory without a bow press. You simply insert the separator into the string and rotate 90 degrees. Now get to work for only $7.99.

Easton stabilizer 8-9-16

Making a great shot with your bow includes many elements, but stabilize your shot with the Easton Contour Hunter 11-Inch Camo Stabilizer. The Contour Hunter is ideal for hunters or limited-class competitors alike. Built with Easton’s Tri-Mod carbon technology, the stabilizer absorbs shock and excess energy after arrow launch. You can tighten your groups for an affordable $99.99.

Easton Flexing Jig Set 8-9-16

It’s always frustrating when a vane falls off an expensive arrow, or you can’t find the vane you want. Ditch the frustration with the new Easton EZ-Fletch Jig Set. This product gives you the freedom to customize the vanes on your arrows, repair vanes and even fletch offset, or helical to boost arrow spin. It’s available in two versions: one for small-diameter vanes and another for large-diameter vanes, including feathers. Take your pick for $49.99 each.

SKB case 8-9-16

Do you like to take the kitchen sink hunting? Take it all and then some with the SKB I-Series Double Bow Case. This strong-featured case can pack two parallel-limb bows or four rifles. You can really mix it up with one bow and two rifles. The SKB case is constructed of high-density polyurethane and shuts out dust and moisture with a tight seal. Lockable trigger-release latches can be easily fitted with TSA-accepted lockable latches. Three carry handles can be snapped down, and the entire unit is toted easily on inline wheels. It even includes an ambient pressure equalization valve. You get all this foam-cushioned protection and a limited lifetime warranty for $259.99.

Crossbow beauty 2 8-9-16

Crossbow seasons are expanding across the country, and now is the time to get involved. Instead of drawing a string with arm muscles, you need to cock a crossbow, and the best helper is Cabela’s Crossbow Cocking Aid. This device (photo below) simplifies the procedure with the help of a pulley system. It guarantees perfect string alignment and as much as a 50 percent reduction in felt draw. This lightweight system works on all standard, non-reverse draw crossbows and is economical at $19.99.

Cocking Aid 8-9-16


Cabela's string wax 8-9-16

Cabela’s Crossbow String Wax (above) ensures that your string and cables will be protected from the harsh elements of your hunting environment. It dries clear and even guards against UV damage. It penetrates deep into the strings for optimal performance at just $9.99.

Bolt case 8-9-16

Being organized in the field with the right gear leads to success, and Plano’s Bow Max Crossbow-Bolt Case (above) enhances your organizational efforts. The engineered case with its convex shape increases rigidity. It is practically crushproof. It securely holds six dressed bolts (arrows) ready for the hunt with rubber grippers for a rattle-free ride. Additional storage compartments designed in the case hold everything from tools to extra broadheads. A three-piece, vented lid decreases weight, and the case’s low profile means it can be stashed behind the seat or strapped to your ATV with integrated lashing slots. You can’t beat the price at $26.99.

Spire Crossbow Case 8-9-16

Nothing is more important than protecting your hunting tool of choice, so guard your crossbow with the Plano Spire Crossbow Case. This rugged, yet compact case fits crossbow models up to 39 inches long by 24.5 inches wide and 12 inches high. The foam-padded interior combined with internal lashings protects your crossbow even from drastic drops. Plus, your crossbow won’t shift inside. A quiver storage compartment is incorporated into the base, and it accommodates most quiver sizes. Three heavy-duty latches lock the case, and handles ensure a balanced carry. Get all of this protection for a steal with a reduced price from $94.99 down to $74.99 today.

LaserLyte 8-9-16

Sighting in any hunting tool takes time, but you can reduce your sighting time and increase shooting time with the LaserLyte Laser Crossbow Sighter. Simply fit the laser sighter into the flight groove of your uncocked crossbow and line up the dot with your 20-yard pin. You’re on target and ready to fine tune. It fits all crossbows with at least 7 inches between the string and the end of the arrow track. With its T6 aluminum construction, the sighter is lifetime durable, and it’s powered with three 393 batteries for up to 1.5 hours of continuous use. Save time with a great price at $64.99.

Bowhunting presents challenges that the firearm hunting crowd seldom experiences. Those hurdles demand equipment that excels, and you’re only setting yourself up for low success if you don’t incorporate the essentials into your future bowhunts.

This article was produced in cooperation with Cabela’s

Lead image by Mark Kayser; crossbow hunting image courtesy of TenPoint Crossbows; product images courtesy of Cabela’s

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