Video: Why the Early (And Late) Angler Gets the Bass


As the air temperature rises during summer, so too does the water temp. This change happens not only seasonally, but also daily.

Let’s assume you plan to target largemouth bass this upcoming weekend. Believe it or not, there’s a good reason to be on the water at daybreak – and it has nothing to do with beating the jet skiers to the punch.

In the video below, well-known professional bass fisherman Scott Martin describes the daily movements and feeding patterns of summertime largemouth bass based on water temperature. Yes, you can catch largemouths from sunrise to sunset, and even after dark for that matter, but it pays to know where to find the most active fish.

In the early morning and around sunset, you can find biting summertime bass in shallow water. As daytime temperatures climb, however, you’d better change your tactics to find deep-weedline largemouths. For example, the magnum Minnesota largemouth in the photo above was caught shortly after sunrise on a weedless bass jig tipped with a Cheemo Creature. The same jig/creature combo is great for midday bass, but you’d have to move deeper to stay on active fish.

Unless you’re willing to change tactics during the day, you’ll catch about as many fish as that jet skier you cursed for driving over your favorite weedbed.

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