Video: Learn How to Sound Like a Duck with Jase Robertson


Since duck season is right around the corner, a lot of duck hunters are gearing up and chomping at the bit to get out to their favorite duck blinds.

Whether you’re new to duck hunting or just expanding your duck call collection, learning how to blow that new call when the sun is coming up on opening day is NOT recommended. Your buddies won’t appreciate the sounds you’re making if you don’t practice.

Advice: Keep a couple of duck calls in your car and then let them rip on your way home from work. Think about it: Your spouse will also not appreciate Duck Calling 101 in the house.

You’re certainly familiar with the guys over at Duck Commander, and the Robertson family, who are known for the TV show Duck Dynasty. Take a look at this video and learn about some different duck calls from Jase Robertson.

For the more advanced duck caller, here’s another video that goes a little more in depth with each duck call. There are a lot of different duck calls available because there are so many variables that go into each one. Every duck is different, and each one can make a distinct sound, so you have to be able to make the sound that allows you to talk to them and get them to come check out your decoys. Watch this video because it comes with some good in-depth information on all the different calls available from Duck Commander.

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