DIY European Mount – Using a Pressure Washer!


Regular visitors to OutdoorHub certainly know the name Mark Kayser. Each Tuesday on OHUB, you can read Mark’s insightful “Take Your Best Shot” column and learn the best shooting strategies for harvesting a wide variety of big game.

Today, Mark is back with a clever tip on how to handle a buck or bull after the shot. The key to his DIY skull-cleaning system is his Mi-T-M Corporation pressure washer.

The total time on the pressure washer is less than an hour, and while the skull looks amazing afterward, Mark gives a few more simple tips for taking it all the way to the finish line.

P.S. The photo below shows what Mark’s big Montana bull looked like moments after he arrowed it with his Mathews HALON. Congrats, Mark!

mark-montana-bull 10-28-16
Image courtesy of Mark Kayser
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