After your rifle or slug gun is dialed in from the bench, it’s time for realistic practice from various in-the-field shooting positions. Instead of aiming at a bull’s-eye during these hunting simulations, you’re better served by a true-to-life deer target.

If you’re not sure what to buy, then check out the new Eze-Scorer Whitetail Deer target with Shoot-N-C overlays from Birchwood Casey. The heavyweight, plain paper targets measure 23×35 inches, and feature a realistic photo of a mature whitetail buck.

The replaceable Shoot-N-C vital overlays quickly show hits in the vital area. The package has a MSRP of only $7.60, and it includes two folded deer targets and four 8-inch Shoot-N-C overlays.

While these targets are designed for gun hunters, I certainly see them as being valuable for bowhunters, too. All too often I see whitetail targets with a whitetail’s heart/lung area positioned too far back, so I’m happy to see the vitals on the Eze-Scorer in the correct location.

The aiming advice I give to any new deer hunter is to pick a spot directly over the front leg on a broadside deer, anywhere from one-third to one-half of the way up from the bellyline. As you can see in this Eze-Scorer target, such a shot – from a gun or bow – will result in a quick kill.

Check out avid deer hunter Andrew Howard in the video below where he discusses a few other great features of this top-notch target.

Shoot straight and good luck this deer season!

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  • Steve Ridling

    Best shot is “just” behind the shoulder.. why waste all that shoulder meat?