Deer camps vary widely throughout North America. Hunters stay in everything from fancy log cabins with electricity, running water and a gas furnace, to lantern-lit tarpaper shacks that need significant repairs each fall just to keep out the rain, snow and wind.

If your deer camp is more rugged than luxurious, then chances are good that you occasionally have trouble with mice. As a hunter, you probably aren’t going to mess with live traps, because let’s face it, then you’d have to turn in your man card.

So, what is the best way to keep your deer camp mice-free?

As shown in the video below from YouTuber Matthias Wandel, the tried-and-true self-resetting system of a 5-gallon pail with suspended aluminum cans works OK, but many times a smart mouse is able to avoid falling into the pail.

Wandel, who as you can see takes everything to the nth degree, isn’t satisfied with “OK” and designs a better mouse trap. And his new design is amazingly effective. Check it out!

P.S. Every deer camp seems to have a Matthias Wandel. Instead of going out in the field in pursuit of a buck each morning, he (or she) stays back at camp to clean their rifle (for the hundredth time), or tinker with something else that needs – or maybe doesn’t need – fixing. And that’s just fine . . . provided they have a hot supper ready for the group after legal hunting hours end.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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