Like you, I love the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal. However, even something as great as an oven-roasted turkey can get a bit predictable year after year – and decade after decade – so this November 24 why not switch it up a bit?

I hesitate to call my friend David Draper a foodie because the word invokes all sorts of images that seem contrary to the lifestyle of most hunters and anglers. However, David wears the label as a badge of honor, and because I’ve shared time with him in the field (most recently in South Dakota where he put on a fine shooting display on pheasants and clay targets), I can tell you that the guy can cook like a chef, but still cast and blast with the best of them.

If you get with the program ASAP, there’s still time before Thursday to put the tips shown in the video below into action. Your family and friends will love smoked turkey this Thanksgiving!

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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