Let’s face it – firearms are just plain fun to shoot. It doesn’t matter whether you’re plinking cans in the back 40 with a .223 Rem., or punching paper at the gun range with your .300 Win. Mag., shooters and hunters love the smell of gunpowder in the air.

In celebration of cartridges big and small, we partnered with the NRA to bring you a detailed look into how guns work. While the infographic will be most instructive to newcomers, we think avid shooters will find it interesting, too.


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  • John Amos

    Love it. Worthwhile teaching aid and reference document.
    John P. Amos. Past President, WORGC
    Certified NRA Instructor

  • Pistolero

    “three basic rules of gun safety”?
    I think most of teach that there are four.