Bowhunting with Bachman: Video Tip, Let Me Down Easy


Editor’s Note: OutdoorHub is proud to announce Melissa Bachman as our new bowhunting columnist. Look for her archery tips and techniques twice a month on OHUB. Click here to read an exclusive interview with Melissa and learn how bowhunting is one of her lifelong passions. Welcome, Melissa!

When it comes to practicing prior to the archery season, we all like to put in our time at the range. This is extremely helpful when a shot opportunity presents itself immediately. The question many people forget to ask themselves is what about when something changes and it’s necessary to let down after coming to full draw? Is your bow poundage set low enough so you can let down without much noise or movement? This can be crucial, and it’s something many people don’t think about or practice.

Years ago I learned how to let down my draw with one simple little movement. The truth is, I too got caught in a sticky situation where I couldn’t make the shot and needed to regroup.

I was bowhunting and entered my pop-up-style ground blind almost an hour before daylight. Right as legal shooting light hit, a mature buck decided to posture toward my decoy. Excited, I immediately got to full draw and then realized my bowsight pin was impossible to see; it hadn’t had any light exposed to the fiber optics since the previous day! With the big buck inside 15 yards, I had to let down my draw, then use my phone to light up my pin and then re-draw.

Luckily I was able to let down without spooking the buck thanks to the concealment of the blind, but I quickly realized this was way too much movement. I needed to come up with a better solution, especially when hunting from a treestand.

Watch the video clip below where I demonstrate my easy-to-use let down technique. Give it a try at the range so you’re ready to use it in the field!

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