Video: Late-Ice Crappie Success with Flashers and Droppers


One key to late-ice crappie success on clear bodies of water is attracting fish from long distances.

You can use a large, flashy lure to call fish into striking distance, but the problem is crappies usually don’t want to strike such a big bait. The solution? A flasher/dropper rig.

As the video below explains, a dropper rig consists of a small- to mid-size spoon (flasher) positioned just above a tiny jig or fly. Below the flasher, tie on a 12- to 24-inch leader of 3- to 4-pound BIONIC Fluorosilk. Complete the setup with a Northland’s Helium Fly, Larva Fly or Bro Bug tipped with IMPULSE plastic and/or live bait.

Don’t jig aggressively. You simply want the flasher to rotate, not flip, flop and flutter. If you’re not marking anything on your electronics, then lift and drop the rig a few times, but otherwise keep jigging to a minimum.

For its part, the fly or light jig on the business end of the line will float around and sway like a pendulum below the flasher. Such subtle motions encourage crappies that move in for a closer look to take the bait.

Be safe on the ice – especially now – and good luck!

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