It’s been a long winter. Fur value is decreasing, so it’s time to put up your coyote gear and move on to other pursuits like the honey-do list you have that is a mile long.

Stop right there!

Are you a deer hunter? If so, your coyote hunting still has another purpose. It’s time to remove as many coyotes as you can from areas you deer hunt or manage.

Numerous studies show that as much as 70 percent of a coyote’s diet during June and July can be made up of fawns. Spring and early summer is a great time to increase your pressure on coyotes to ensure a few extra fawns make it to adulthood.

There are many views on whether coyotes are having an impact on deer numbers, but there’s no debate on whether coyotes swap diets in the spring to a fawn-heavy meal plan. Numerous studies show that as much as 70 percent of a coyote’s diet can be made up of fawns in June and July. Whether your state has data that says coyotes make only a 20 percent dent, or as in others where fawn mortality at the hands of coyotes exceeds 50 percent, removing coyotes during spring can make a direct difference.

To be fair, you need to understand that to make a difference you should integrate a year-round predator control program. Properties managed for wildlife abundance will continually attract coyotes even after you remove one. It might take a week or a month, but another coyote is bound to move in if the refrigerator is stocked. Calling and trapping should be combined to ensure you have a constant security system in place.

Trapping and calling combined can be an effective tool in saving springtime fawns when coyotes focus on them for a big part of their diet.

Coyotes do have an Achilles heel in the spring of the year – it’s their protective behavior of den sites and pups, especially pups that are showing themselves later in the spring. Use this parental nature to your benefit.

Regardless of the age of pups, coyote parents and associated babysitters won’t put up with coyote strangers nearby. Begin your management plan by locating a den area. Do this by listening for dawn and dusk howls. They usually emanate from near a den site. If you’re intimate with a property you may even know of a den location. Mark the approximate location and with a downwind advantage stalk to within 500 yards or so of the den to an elevated position with good visibility. Now use territorial howls to draw out adults intent on protecting their young.

Pups will tend to shy away from howls, but if you can remove the adults then it decreases the chance for pup survival. After a successful adult removal project, you can then target the pups.

If you think the pups are older and roaming away from the den, use prey distress calls to attract them. Prey calls, such as a bleating fawn, have an appeal for adults scrounging to feed the family, as well as pups trying to add extra calories to their meager dinner plate. Be ready. You could call in several pups at once, so a shotgun loaded with Hornady Heavy Magnum Coyote (see video below) could be the best medicine.

Removing a handful of coyotes in the critical spring months allows helpless fawns to strengthen and polish their escape skills. One of those escapees could turn out be a trophy buck in the coming years.


Images by Mark Kayser

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61 thoughts on “Springtime ‘Chore’ – Kill a Coyote to Save Several Fawns

      1. all you brainwashed greenies have no idea about the damage these coyotes do i have had 7 llamas killed by coyote,s over the years all my chickens wiped out as well as all my geese !! so you slime ball greenies have no idea what is going on !

      2. So, build fences Get guard dogs. What’s wrong with you?! You’re obviously not competent enough to protect and care for domestic animals.

      3. Meanwhile the idiots talk about taking out coyote pups after killing the parents.
        Kiss my liberal a$&

      1. Yep- these coyote pup killers are real badass!
        Takes a real man to kill a coyote pup- ( to save fawns) (all laugh here) with call signals no less

      2. Buck- Electronic “distress” call signals that lure in coyotes and other animals into shootin range.
        All the SLOBS use them.
        They pose for their grinning idiot photos with the 20 pound coyote pup or fox that proves how manly they are,
        You aren’t very bright are you?

      3. as mentioned earlier, your ignorance betrays you, they are referred to as ” E-callers ” and they do far more than broadcast distress sounds, they also convey mating calls, feeding audio and a whole host of triggers designed to call not only predators but game animals as well. And no, not all the hunters use them, many use hand calls as well. of coarse naturally as you blather on about something you obviously know nothing about you might take a second to stop to consider that hunting predators is by far no easy task, you must actually work your ass off to be successful, and it happens quite seldom, so yes when they do manage to harvest one they are well within their rights to get a picture, you can bet it was a hard won victory over a very crafty varmint. A varmint that both spreads death and disease such as mange and heart worm where ever they travel

      4. Varmint?
        Gee Buck- you kill animals, you harvest wheat.
        At least be honest about what you are- a sleazy killer.

  1. Ignorance rules the country more and more. Coyotes and wolves make for a stronger deer herd. The more coyotes they massacre the more pups they have. Coyotes naturally control their population! So many humans =are ignorant and ignore science from our president on down!

    1. far from true, lolo idaho AND jackson hole wy both serve as case studies of what can happen to elk and moose herds when a Canadian grey wolf is allowed to enter a eco-system unabated. your lack of ACTUAL science is astounding , and serves no one well, put aside your false greenie beliefs and search with an open mind, you’ll find you have been led astray by a agenda, and it’s costing our game herds their life

  2. Mark Kayser is a SLOB.
    Coyotes should not be hunted while they are denning and raising pups.
    ” use this parental nature to your benefit.”
    Says slob hunter Kayser!
    This is why people think predator hunters are the very bottom of the barrel, down there with trophy hunters,
    There is no ethics with these idiots.

    1. People like people like you, you mean…. Lots of people like predator hunters. Way more than people like you. Some predators (bears, mountain lions and yes some even the “dogs” wolves and coyote) are eaten as food. Coyotes have a value (not much anymore because of people like you) in fur. But if you read you will learn that they are of a “nuisance proportion”. It is legal to indiscriminately kill them. The reasons are because they kill at an alarming rate, they don’t utilize the majority of what they kill, it’s left to the scavengers like crows, vultures, Eagles, flies, maggots, chickadees, etc. They kill domestic animals and livestock (ruining the livelihoods of ranchers and farmers-who bring food to the market for you). They are disease ridden and can devastate large populations of all types of wildlife, including themselves, i.e. Mange and other diseases. As for “trophy hunters” you are ignorant as well. Trophy Hunters only target animals of long age with various physical attributes that makes that animal standout as superior to the average. They don’t kill to eliminate. The animals are old and will not be dominant in a short time in the future. The younger animals will do “war” with them and kill them and / or run them off to a range that is not as good for them. The meat from these hunts is utilized in various ways- some take it for themselves for their home use. Some donate the meat to food shelves which is processed carefully as to pass USDA standards. In foreign safari the meat is donated to the people that live there. Since they are very poor due to lousy governing, they depend on that resource that they cannot get for themselves. Also the money goes into their economy and provides jobs and financial resource that would not otherwise be there for them. Finally, this income goes into protecting their resources from poaching and conserving the animal population by insuring a secure breeding season and allowing the animals to propagate, i.e. the fight against poachers….

      So right there are some ethics….

      1. Where did you get that mindless rant?
        You make my point.
        Ecologically illiterate predator hunters without the first clue what you are talking about.
        Thanks for the laugh!
        You kill coyote pups.

      2. Nature doesn’t need to be “cleaned out” of predators. Predators have a job to do, which makes the herd stronger. Read Aldo Leopold instead of hunter BS like you posted.You idiots need to stay out of the wilderness and screwing everything up.

      3. Tell ya what, when the ONLY income oh have to live on are your cattle and they are coming in packs, ya shoot’em. Besides, I’d welcome you to come and live/work on our farm foe a summer and give you a sense of reality. And God provided all and put man over all to take care of us. When things go to hell and your stores are rioted and you literally have NOTHING to eat or anything, don’t come to my house because be do hunt and fish, it provides for our family. When I can get 200 lbs of meat for the price of 1 bullet (2-3 if your not a hood shot lol) I will do that thank you. I’m not making you eat it. And I know where it comes from and what it eats cause they live like we do in a general area so I know what their eating. So best of luck providing for yourself. But I bet you support Abortion tho…

      4. Another rancher that downright refuses to practice appropriate husbandry that would keep your livestock safe. A bullet is cheaper yadda yadda. As if everything is supposed to move out of the way just for you, right? Yes, sounds like.
        What does “abortion” have to do with this? As long as you like to play that game, I suppose you’re a Trumpeteer, too – right? So obvious, tough girl.

      5. She’s a know nothing T-rump supporter. They would have voted for a rusty birdcage if that’s what the Repubs had offered. Remember- party over country!

      6. What a bummer aye? Obama’s hope and change devolved into the Trumpet.. All laugh now.. While we await the next great leftist Messiah.

      7. So you are saying too that the DNR are idiots? No one ever said cleaned out by the way…. They are considered to be in an extreme nuisance proportion even by the left leaning departments of natural resources all across the country. That’s why they have made it legal to indiscrimately kill them. They need to be reduced to a population that isn’t devastating the environment around them. It is a myth that they “clean up” the woods. They clean out the woods. Also they do not restrict themselves to the sick and lame unless you consider fawns and calves the sick and lame. They also do not utilize a carcass unless there are a large number of them. They do not return to a carcass as a measure of conservation. They go and kill something else. They mostly eat nuts and guts and other stuff eats the rest. Seen it many times. Also you people are extremely rude and try intimidation tactics to disguise your ignorance, but, it’s still apparent. Good Aldo seems to be taking the perspective from a utopian point of view, as if we were still living in the garden of Eden. One more thing, folks like me are reaching their end in patience with folks like you that think you can just bully people, lash out in violent and vulgar language, etc. Just like you saw we came together and took our country back. We will come together and refuse your obnoxiousness, your rude behavior, etc. and shut you down by whatever means becomes necessary. We wish you would be reasonable, but, you are not. We will not take your crap forever. Look up freeway protesters hit by cars….. Accidents? Maybe…. More like a demonstration to folks like you to back off and start treating people you don’t even know with a little respect even if you disagree. Personally I think you are a pig.

      8. You took the country back? LMAO. Yep, right back to the 19th century.

        Why don’t you take your own advice and treat people YOU don’t know with a little respect?

        Psychopaths like you will always find an excuse to kill, regardless of the facts, because you love it. Makes you feel like a man to kill helpless animals. You are no better than child molesters. Suffice it to say, you know nothing about natural resources or wildlife, and you are evil. GFY. And get off my land.

      9. Your suggestion to follow Aldo Leopold takes science back to the 19th century. Your spew of rhetoric continues.

      10. My reference was to Trump taking the country back, not to Leopold. Leave it to you dingleberries not to know the difference. And science is science: it builds on the knowledge of the past. That’s why Leopold’s science is as valid today, as it was 80 years ago. You’re the ones who haven’t kept up with conservation biology and stick to discredited notions of “predator management.”

      11. No you are a liar now too. We can all see you wrote read Leopold in response to my post about the long list of benefits to hunting. Backed up by the left leaning depts of natural resources all across the country and also the world. Take a hike punk fool. Dil sucker.

      12. See, I have to translate the plain meaning of words for the developmentally retarded. In my first post to you, I told you to read Leopold, instead of the hunter BS you posted, which you are spouting word-for-word, because you can’t think for yourself. Then YOU wrote in one of your later posts: “Just like you saw we came together and took our country back.” YOU were referring to Trump, not Leopold.

        Here is your sentence in context:
        “One more thing, folks like me are reaching their end in patience with folks like you that think you can just bully people, lash out in violent and vulgar language, etc. Just like you saw we came together and took our country back. We will come together and refuse your obnoxiousness, your rude behavior, etc. and shut you down by whatever means becomes necessary.”

        Then, I responded, referring to your sentence in context, “yeah, right back to the 19th century” (meaning Trump is taking us back to the 19th Century, which you would know means the “robber baron era” if you knew anything).

        In between, there was an exchange with JB-USMC, who was confused about the science.

        Then, you accuse me of being a liar, because you can’t keep anything straight. Been hitting the bottle too much, Festus? Or were you just born that way?This is what true conservationists have to put up with. Brain-washed idiots who like to kill defenseless animals. All the wildlife problems you cite were created by PEOPLE – the disease, the imbalance, etc.

        The best thing you could do is give wildlife lots of room, STAY OUT of their habitat, and let nature cleanse itself. Nature doesn’t need you. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

      13. Thanks for making my point, you disgusting pig! You don’t know a damn thing about it, that’s obvious to all reasonable people. I find it amusing that folks like you need to employ others to relate to as you did earlier in this chain of nonsense with that other pig williamhuard. Just like the coyotes and wolves you think are so noble. Cowards. Pigs.

        The only people who think things are headed back to the 19th century are the narscicist left, like you. I like the growth we’ve seen already. Did you see oil went down because our production increased? Productivity is way up. Consumer confidence is off the chart. Spending in the last six months has surpassed spending over the last two years combined (that 4 times better). So get a life. Read a book (not from the 19th century). Get out of the basement. Quit being such a pompous ass. Things might just turn around for you. Not that I care…… But it would be nice to not have to put up with pedantic pricks like you.

      14. Anger management classes could be helpful. You need to calm down, Bro.
        Your posts are starting to sound like veiled threats.

      15. They were in response to the same. In response to folks who think hey can bully others. Especially hiding in their basements behind their computers. When a person gives a lucid factual point of view, you guys rip into them with vulgarity and insults. My point is we won’t take it forever. You must be just as stupid because you can only read what you want and don’t acknowledge the horrid behavior of others like you. Also I’m not the one who didn’t slow down for your protesting brethren. Just sayin lookout, you dolts don’t think anything could happen from the hate and chaos you project. My original post was simply facts that you all call a rant, etc. You just don’t have any room for other opinions. Fascist.

      16. Aldo Leopold credits himself with the killing of over 300 wolves. Aldo was a pioneer ecologist and much like pioneers in any field, we often come to find that their perceived perfect science was not without fault. Therefore, do not profess and recommend unless your experticity in the subject matter is greater than the rhetoric you spew.

      17. What can one say in the face of your astounding stupidity? Yes, he was paid to kill wolves and did so. He learned the errors of his ways and stopped killing them. The science has evolved and continues to do so. Ernest Thomas Seton, founder of the boy Scouts, was also a bounty hunter who killed thousands of wolves. He never killed another when he recognized the complex emotional life of wolves, who, by the way, have much better “family values” than your typical Repub.

        My “recommendations” are based on the best available science, unlike yours. You’re the one who hasn’t kept up with ecology, the value of “all the cogs” (Leopold), and conservation biology (how to best conserve and protect all wildlife). “Experticity?” LOL!

    1. sadly the real disgrace is the lack of understanding by the general populace how vital protecting our big game herds are these days. it’s attitudes like yours that do more harm than good because you speak from ignorance about a subject and all the while condemn what you don’t understand

  3. Wow, you people must spend a total of time in the field to make comments like that. I have pulled a live fawn from the jaws of a coyote. How strong does Bambi need to be to survive long enough to make stronger herds? We’re not talking about lap dogs, coyotes are ruthless killers of small and large animals. I have come across, on two separate occasions, fully grown trophy sized bucks that were mutilated by coyotes. They are like street gangs and don’t fight fair. By the way, where I live, you don’t leave your dog or cat out at night either. Get real.

    1. Predator hunters are ecologically illiterate- ( that means you are dense)
      Coyotes use their teeth to kill to survive.
      The “sportsmen” who hate coyotes use bait, traps, snares, callers, yet the coyotes are ruthless killers- I love the irony!

      1. Coyotes are an introduced species in much of North America due to the extirpation of wolves. While God said that His creation was perfect, that was before the Fall. In addition, it explicitly says in the Bible that we are to be good stewards of the earth, and that means managing the wildlife. Plus, God also said that we are given dominion over “the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and everything that moves upon the ground.”

      2. Coyotes are native to North America, they were not “introduced.” Please research.
        While the Bible states “dominion”, Pope Francis has clarified for us that “Dominion does not mean domination”.
        Big difference.

      3. I said in much of North America. I’m sorry, I should have clarified. They are native to the Plains states and the Southwest, but not to the east or pacific northwest. Their range expanded there after the extirpation of wolves, which used to hold them in check.

      4. Not native, for instance, to Los Angeles county…or Maine. Coyotes are pretty invasive. Even in area’s where they are indigenous there are far too many of them. They are for instance one of the major reasons jackrabbit numbers are severely depressed. We could kill half of all coyotes and in 10 years there would be more than we started out with. About the only thing good that they do is keep the rabbit population in check. And the stray small dog. In Arizona for instance a small dog cannot survive outside in a fenced yard.

      5. Exactly! And the coyotes in Maine are part wolf, which makes them a very real danger to humans as well, because it combines a coyotes cunning and lack of fear around humans with a wolf’s size.

      6. Pope Francis is not the arbiter of my language. Webster dictionary is. Dominion most certainly means domination.

        sovereignty; control.
        “man’s attempt to establish dominion over nature”
        synonyms: supremacy, ascendancy, dominance, domination, superiority, predominance, preeminence, hegemony, authority, mastery, control, command, power, sway, rule, government, jurisdiction, sovereignty,

      7. Spin it however you like, Lar.
        The Pope made a distinctive point because he’s heard the nonsense before.

      8. Well retro, I’m not the one spinning “it”. My statement is straight from the dictionary. The Pope is the one doing the spinning…to suit his purposes. Talk about nonsense.

      9. Exactly what do you think his purposes are, Lar?
        And I don’t see anything in your dictionary that mentions “killing” as part of “dominion”. Or did you just assume it was a given, or interchangeable?
        Do you go to church or believe in the Bible?

      10. Actually Ret, I was going to just let this drop until you made an assumption based on your viewpoint, rather than some actually knowledge. First the Pope has an agenda. Just like any other man. Second just because the Pope doesn’t speak for me doesn’t mean I don’t go to church or believe in the Bible. I do on both accounts. Do you think I have to be Catholic to go to church or believe in the Bible? Just like you’re twisted on this subject your comment makes it seem you are twisted on Christianity. And just to be clear, the Pope does not represent me. And you evidently believe he can change the meaning of words just because of his agenda.

  4. “Pups will tend to shy away from howls, but if you can remove the adults then it decreases the chance for pup survival. After a successful adult removal project, you can then target the pups.”

    Bunch of sickos. Really. No morals, no ethics, no decency. Now I know what they mean by domestic terrorists.

  5. To all you anti-hunters having a heart attack over killing pups. Guess what? With the exception of the Great Plains and the Southwest, coyotes aren’t technically a native species. After the extinction of wolves throughout most their range, the coyotes were able to spread from coast to coast. While you are right that killing pups is ethically questionable, it is required to help keep the population of an INTRODUCED SPECIES down. Now, its scientifically proven that coyotes will actually increase their population when under a ton of hunting pressure, via having litters with more pups. However, killing the parents and then the pups assures that one territory is cleaned out. When it comes to shooting coyotes, it is because they cause massive problems for native ungulates, such as deer, pronghorn, elk and even moose and bison. While predators most certainly have their place in the ecosystem, they can overpopulate, just like anything else. Surprisingly, most hunters don’t hate predators. Mountain lions, bears, bobcats, foxes, wolverines, lynx, even wolves, are all valued game species that deserve respect. Clearing out the coyotes from an area is rather like killing House Sparrows: You do it to keep the native birds around and to prevent the native bird population from crashing. Coyotes are also far more susceptible to disease than wolves, which makes them a greater threat as a vector for rabies. In addition, they are infamous for killing domestic cats, chickens, calves, sheep, goats, llamas, and dogs.

  6. I don’t see how human morality can be applied to killing animals who certainly are neither moral nor immoral. And please do not give me that crap about animals killing other animals just to survive. Some animals will kill until they get tired and decide to rest.

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