Video: Does Scent-Control Matter for Wild Turkeys? Yes!


When it comes to turkey hunting, many people utilize a variety of tactics to ensure they have the best hunt possible. Turkeys are a wary bird and can be difficult to hunt, especially when you’re pursuing them with a bow. As hunters, we’re constantly learning and coming up with new techniques based on our experiences in the field.

Over the years I’ve encountered a lot of deer while turkey hunting. In fct, it’s common for deer and turkeys to be feeding in the same fields. Of course, that can be good and bad.

I enjoy watching deer and seeing the new antler growth on springtime bucks, but everything in nature works off each other. It’s very simple – if the deer bust, then the turkeys will bust, too.

Think back and you can probably remember something like this happening to you: While watching deer and turkeys calmly strut and feed toward your ambush, the wind suddenly shifts and the next thing you know the deer catch your wind. Within moments the deer spook, and the turkeys follow right behind. Frustrating!

To avoid this domino effect, I spray down with Scent Killer Gold before my turkey hunts, just as I would if I was heading out deer hunting. This way, if the wind direction suddenly changes, then nearby deer won’t bust me, and my odds are increased to fill my turkey tag.

When it comes to scent-control and turkeys – and deer – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

P.S. Need to get fired up for turkey season? Then check out the video below!

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