Top 5 Foods for a Wild Game Wedding Dinner


Depending on when you choose to get married, chances are good your buddies will have to skip a weekend of fishing or hunting to join in the festivities. The way we see it, the least you can do is serve them delicious wild game for their troubles. (And here’s a hint when it comes to a gift registry: Gift cards from Cabela’s are always the right size.)

So . . . drumroll please . . . in order from good to great, here are our top five wild game wedding meals.

5. Northern pike. Sure, you need to remove the Y-bones before frying or baking, but pike fillets are large, tasty and sure to be a hit with your wedding guests. If you want to really impress your guests, break out a jar or two of pickled pike (below). Who says wedding food can’t be memorable!

4. Wild boar. Nothing says wild game like wild boar, so give the people what they want. Of course, there are untold ways to prepare wild boar, but weddings are a time for going all out. We think Wild Boar Bacon Bomb Meatloaf (with Honey Crisp Apples and Maple Bourbon Glaze) is just the ticket (below).

3. Wild turkey. Many weddings take place during spring, so we say serve the spring’s No. 1 gamebird – wild turkey. But this isn’t the time for some uninspired “Crockpot with mushroom soup” recipe. Instead, how about Smoked Wild Turkey Breast Roulade? Guests could eat it as an appetizer, or your wedding chef could build the delicious smoked meat into a Colossal Wild Turkey Club Sandwich (below).

2. Venison. You didn’t think we’d forget about whitetails, did you? But instead of grilling backstraps or tenderloins (you don’t want to share those with even your best friends, right?), we suggest sticking to the sandwich theme. And to make it even better, combine venison with rabbit. Follow the instructions listed here and your wedding chef can make an amazing Venison Porchetta Stuffed with Rabbit Loin (below).

1. Moose. While most of your hunting guests will know that moose are members of the deer family, you might have to educate a few nonhunters in attendance. Moose meat is also called venison, and it tastes even better than a whitetail from farm country. And because of a moose’s tremendous size, there’s enough to feed even the largest wedding party. Click here for Eva Shockey’s Family Venison Fajitas recipe, which is perfect for moose. And in case you were wondering what Eva served at her wedding, the answer is moose (Facebook photo below).


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