Video: Want Food Plots Like This During Fall? Then Take a Soil Sample NOW!


Each year, more and more diehard deer hunters break ground to plant food plots. Not only will food plots benefit the deer herd by providing nutritious forage, but hunters can expect to see more deer, and perhaps bigger bucks, as a result.

Unfortunately, the food plot process isn’t quite as simple as “If you plant it, they will come.”

Each spring and late summer, those new to the food plot game waste a lot of time and money. As the video below explains, the only way to ensure that the time and money spent on seed, fertilizer and lime isn’t wasted is by first taking a soil sample and having it tested by a lab.

Soil test kits, such as this one from Whitetail Institute, are the first step toward growing a fabulous food plot.

Thankfully, a soil test is fast and inexpensive. Not sure where to start? Click here to learn everything you need to know.

Important note: Throughout much of the Midwest, the best time to plant fall food plots (think brassicas and such) is from mid July to early August. So, get your soil test done NOW!

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