Whitetail Wednesday Video: An Easy Method to Process Deer — or Elk!


One of the primary goals of deer hunting is to provide fresh venison for our families. This year, I’ve already tagged one bull elk (photo below) and two whitetail does. It’s a good start to providing delicious, organic meat for my family.

Providing high-quality meet only starts with tagging an animal. The meat needs to be processed appropriately to protect the quality and taste. The best and fastest way to process the meat is by deboning.

There are several advantages to deboning game. This is perfect for game harvested away from home (such as the elk I tagged) and when the meat will be shipped or brought back in coolers. There’s no need to ship the extra weight of bones and excessive connective tissue.

We created a detailed, step-by-step video guide of how to easily debone a deer. You can watch this guide below: 


Because we’ve produced that video, I’ve added another tool that makes the process even easier. It’s called a Rack JACK. It is a rack and hoist that easily mounts into any 2-inch receiver hitch. I found this tool a few years ago and have used it ever since. It’s extremely portable, easy to use, and works on deer of all sizes. You can watch the Rack JACK in use below:

This fall, don’t just tag a deer. Prepare high-quality, organic venison for your family by processing the meat using this simple technique. It removes all the lymph nodes and almost all the connective tissue. The result is super-tender meat, no matter the age of the buck — or bull — you tag.

Enjoy creation!

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