Videos: 5 Best Recipes for Your Seasonal Salmon Harvest


As salmon season nears its end with winter steelhead right around the corner, the freezers are full. And you’re probably wondering what to do with all that meat, besides eating it.

Salmon probably offers the most diverse range of culinary options out of everything that swims. Sure, smoked salmon is great, but if you want to think outside the box and try something new, here are a handful of suggestions for cooking salmon that will inspire your appetite.

Wild chef Hank Shaw is no stranger to cooking fish and game. He describes this recipe for Icelandic inspired salmon soup as “something of a cross between a chowder and a soup, with just a touch of dairy.” Using the additions of a fish broth and whey, this is a much more traditional approach to creating a final product that is more focused on the flavors of the fish, and not nearly as heavy handed on dairy. You can find the recipe on


Philippe Boulot’s roasted salmon and pesto crusted napoleon recipe on is a complex, layered dish that mingles salmon with flavors of Italy. The sides of wilted spinach, dried tomatoes, and red onion-cilantro relish can be altered with a wide variety of greens such as chard or kale for a Northwestern influence. Polenta fries, a wild mushroom risotto, or a simple side of roasted root vegetables are also good alternates for Boulot’s panisse.


The traditional Native American salmon bake is an effective option for feeding a lot of people at an event like a wedding, campout or picnic. Using carefully engineered cedar structures, the salmon is cooked over an open fire, leaving a thin, heat-seared layer of meat on the surface that creates great texture and holds in all the natural flavors of the fish. For a more in-depth look at hatchery production, as well as the process, historical relevance, and culture of the tradition behind the salmon bake, Munchies visits with Skokomish tribal fishermen.


This recipe from requires only a few simple steps to create a new twist on the classic citrus and fish pairings of flavor. The honey, garlic and lime glaze creates a nice, crisp, textured layer to the fish that holds in the citrus flavors. When throwing a fish on the BBQ isn’t an option, this is a great oven-baked alternative with easy preparation.


Buzzfeed’s “Tasty” offers this recipe for a savory Salmon Wellington that is a piscatorial puff pastry treat. Combining the simplicity of meat, greens and carbs into a complexity of flavors on your fork with each bite, the dough absorbs the fats from the fish and the broth from the greens. This is one oven-ready meal that can’t be recreated in a microwavable hot pocket.

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