Ice Fishing Video Tip: Don’t Freeze and Stare at a Spring Bobber


Spring bobbers can be a vital tool in your winter panfish arsenal, but too many anglers make a mistake that’s probably costing them a good number of sunfish and crappies.

As Ice Team’s Matt Johnson explains below, don’t stop jigging and then stare at your spring bobber after you have the attention of a sunfish or crappie, even when that fish approaches your bait. Instead, keep jigging and use your spring bobber to its fullest potential. Play “keep away,” just like the predator/prey sequence happens in real life, and look for the spring bobber to load/bend as you lift and jig.

Watch the quick clip below where Matt demonstrates this killer technique. (Be sure to turn up the volume of the Facebook video.) And remember, keep the medium-sized panfish for the pan, but let the big ones go so we can have good fishing for many years to come.

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