Video: Ice Fishing Tip for Triggering Cold-Front Panfish


Perhaps I’m biased because the tip you’re about to watch is from a friend of mine, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. Bro is from northern Minnesota, and as a member of the Northland Tackle pro staff, he’s dialed in to what it takes to catch all species of fish, regardless of the weather conditions.

In the video below, Bro is targeting panfish, specifically big crappies. He’ll show you how he uses the new tungsten Mitee Mouse Jig and Skeleton Minnow to trigger lethargic fish into biting.

I’ve spent time on the ice with Bro, and I can tell you that he fishes exactly as shown in this clip. He drills a decent number of holes, then hole hops to stay on fish. Bro stays warm because he’s dressed for the conditions, and he’s moving so much.

Watch and learn from this video; it’s packed with great commentary and how-to info. Copy Bro’s system (playing cat and mouse, moving to stay on fish, etc.) and your hardwater success with skyrocket, even during a winter cold front.

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