Why Duck Hunting is the Perfect First Date


From what I’ve heard, dating is hard, especially at this time of year when most of us are focused on hunting, like now when early teal season is just about upon us. I haven’t had to date in over 20 years, so I guess I’m pretty lucky. Want to know why I’m no longer single? Read on, my friends!

I can tell you what my wife and I did on one of our very first dates that seemed to work. She’s still with me and puts up with me, so I consider it proof that my system is flawless — I took her duck hunting for a first date.

Will it work for you? Who knows? You will, however, find out pretty quickly if she’s the type of girl for you.

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Is She In?

First things first, you’ve got to get her to agree on duck hunting. If she’s not much of a hunter, this might take some convincing. Stick to the high points, mention how enjoyable it is and how you can talk and be social while you’re hunting. Talk about how much fun it is to see the dog work, and how beautiful the sky is when the sun peaks over the marsh.

Skip the parts about how much work it is to set the decoys, how dirty the blind is because you never clean it, or the fact that there actually is no dog. She will be the one retrieving all the ducks, because she’s the newbie in the blind. Hey, rules are rules on that last one. You can’t go making exceptions just because she looks hot in hip boots.

In all fairness, though, if you like her and want a second date, maybe go get your own ducks.

My wife, on the other hand, didn’t mind one bit picking up birds. She even rung the necks of a couple geese – I knew right away she was a keeper, but I also learned I should NEVER make her mad..

Here’s a tip: Double blinds are a great excuse to be close. You’re welcome.

Set Realistic Expectations

Part of setting those expectations should be explaining the game plan ahead of time, so she knows what she’s getting into. Explain why she needs to stay low when ducks fly in and what type of camo to wear. Talk about avoiding anything flashy, like big shiny earrings. And remember to focus on the positive aspects of hunting.

Now, if she grew up hunting and has experience killing ducks, then marry her. Period. I’m serious – go buy the ring before someone else does. Okay, maybe go on a few dates first. But keep in mind that what we’re talking about in this article is leaning toward breaking someone new into the hunting world as a first time hunter.

And to all the single lady duck hunters out there, this also applies to you. Take that guy you just met to the duck blind before sunrise, and you’ll find out in short order if he’s worthy or not.

Find stuff to do while you wait for shooting hours. The author learned firsthand that throwing a corn cob at her is not advised.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

If you’ve been hunting waterfowl for long, you know roughly what time waterfowlers must be up and ready to go if you’re going to make it out. Most of us usually have the decoys set, are in the blind and have the frost knocked out of theRich N Tone calls before the sun rises. Heck, I’ve usually got the coffee drained from the thermos by then, too. So, if she’s willing to get up and hit the marsh bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at o’-dark-30, well, that’s a good sign she might be into you.

Make sure you bring coffee for her and maybe some breakfast. She gets bonus points if she has her own long underwear, Drake Eqwader 3-1 Camo Parka and neck gaiter. She gets double bonus points if she skips the makeup, and triple if she is willing to paint up her face with blackout like the Duck Commander.

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Shooting Ducks and Stuff

There are a couple ways to go about this. If she’s not comfortable with a shotgun, have her do some shooting before you go. Be patient if she doesn’t get it right away. Remember, you undoubtedly didn’t either when you got started.

My wife grew up in a hunting household, and like many women, she was comfortable with guns and shooting. She said it helps keep me on my toes, whatever that means.

All I know is, she has, at times, outshot me at the range. This is no reason to turn in your man card. Try to kick her butt the next time, and maybe try yelling “Hello, Baaaaaaaaaaaby!” right as she begins to pull the trigger.

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Duck Hunting is Always a Good Time

The most important thing about duck hunting dating is to have fun. I mean, that’s the reason we duck hunt in the first place. Enjoy the social time. Get to know each other better over a thermos of coffee and some shotgun shells. Take in the sunrise and watch the marsh come alive. Let her experience what it is that you love about waterfowl hunting.

There’s a couple of good reasons for this, and yes, I speak from experience. For one, you’ll have a hunting buddy, and one that is far better looking than one of the guys. If it really works out, she’ll never question you about buying decoys. Well, she might not question it. I still have to occasionally sneak some in. Lastly, I don’t know about you, but I am never more at ease than when I’m in the duck blind. There is very little that can bother me there.

That’s how I knew my wife was a keeper. She shared in that, and made the experience even better. You can have that, too. Just remember to invite me to your wedding. I’ll assume you’re registered at Cabela’s.

And yes, after 20+ years together, we still go on dates to the duck blind. Sometimes we even let the kids in on it. Don’t ever be afraid to take your spouse duck hunting with you. It’s quality time you both can have doing something fun.

Tip from the author and his wife: Make sure you take lots of photos because you’ll look back later and laugh.
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