Josh Bowmar’s Big Buck Finding Tactics


Want to get a big buck on camera? Well, as I’ve said before, there’s a lot more to it than simply slapping a trail camera on any old tree in the woods and hoping for the best. Sure, you might get lucky and see Mr. 10-point stroll in front of your camera once or twice, but if you really want to start seeing more buck action, these big buck finding tactics Josh Bowmar has been sharing on Instagram lately are a must watch.

If you have gone through the work to scout and hang trail cameras before, then you probably know that sinking feeling when you go to check them only to discover your camera has been sitting dormant the entire time it’s been in the woods.

So, how do you optimize your camera locations and get more accurate buck inventory and patterns?

Well to start, you need to think like they do and create areas the deer want to visit more consistently. You can extend field edges, create mock scrapes, and optimize trails to make them easier for deer to access. Just be mindful that deer are very alert and aware of their surroundings, and DEFINITELY know when they’re being setup – especially those mature bucks who have been around the block awhile. So making a trail a tiny bit easier to use will go a long way and give you a prime opportunity to start collecting pictures of big bucks.

Extending field edges is another great piece of advice if you already have, or just took on a new piece of hunting property. As Josh explains in the video, overhanging branches are excellent spots for deer to make scrapes, and if you create the best spot for deer to make scrapes, you’re going to have the largest bucks on that property ‘claim’ that area and take over that territory.

Watch how Josh does it, and listen for his “bonus” piece of advice:

And finally; scrapes.

A lot of hunters think bucks will only hit scrapes in the fall, but summertime scrapes can be just as popular in late July as they are in October. All it takes is some planning, a little manual labor and some strategy. Also, this tip from @whitetail_habitat_solutions is worth giving a shot to see if it increases deer hitting your scrapes:

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