The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) is pleased to announce the recent addition of Excalibur Crossbow Canada Inc. to its growing base of corporate sponsors. As a sponsor, Excalibur will provide crossbows for QDMA’s fundraising efforts to help further the association’s mission of ensuring the future of white-tailed deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage.

“We are extremely excited about our partnership with Excalibur because they make exceptional crossbows that can benefit our members,” said Brian Murphy, QDMA’s CEO, “Excalibur also shares our commitment to wildlife conservation and preservation of North America’s rich deer hunting tradition.”

With crossbows becoming legal in more states each year, a growing number of whitetail hunters are using them for both hunting and management purposes, especially in areas where traditional firearms are restricted or prohibited.

“We have admired the QDMA and its efforts to improve whitetail dynamics and hunting opportunities for a long time,” said Bill Troubridge, Excalibur President and owner. “This partnership will allow Excalibur Crossbow to put its efforts behind this great cause and help to support the great work that the QDMA has made their hallmark throughout both the USA and in Canada too.”

“Despite having hunted with a compound for more than 25 years, I experienced a crossbow for the first time just two years ago,” said Murphy. “It was even more exciting than expected and it has enhanced my overall deer-hunting experiences since. Importantly, it also enabled my 11-year-old daughter to join the archery deer-hunting ranks earlier than would otherwise be possible, which adds an extra month we can hunt together each year.”

“Excalibur is proud to support and be affiliated with great organizations and QDMA is one of the best,” said Rob Dykeman, Excalibur’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Deer hunting is the backbone of the hunting industry, and deer management plays an integral part in preserving our sport and hunting heritage.”

About QDMA
Founded in 1988, QDMA is a national nonprofit wildlife conservation organization with 50,000 members in all 50 states and Canada, and several foreign countries. QDMA is dedicated to ensuring the future of white-tailed deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage. To learn more about QDMA and why it is the future of deer hunting, call 800-209-3337 or visit

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