Bend, OR, 2011 – Nosler, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of bullets, ammunition and rifles announces a new social media promotion that will give the opportunity for one lucky hunter and one hunting partner to win gear from companies such as Nosler, NoslerCustom®, Leupold®, Under Armour®, Lone Wolf® knives, Zamberlan boots and Mystery Ranch backpacks. The promotion is the first tiered social media promotion of its kind, rewarding the followers of Nosler with greater prizes depending on the amount of “Likes” their Facebook page receives. Participants have a chance to win a NoslerCustom Trophy Grade Rifle and NoslerCustom Trophy Grade ammunition along with hunting gear for the upcoming seasons.

The promotion will begin May 13th and end on August 1st, 2011. At the conclusion of the promotion, a trivia question will be asked on the Nosler Facebook page along with directions for entry. When the winning response has been given, the winner will be notified and they will then pick their winning hunting partner. Details and prize information can be found at

For a 2011 Nosler® and NoslerCustom® catalog featuring the entire line of AccuBond®, E-Tip®, Solids™, Ballistic Tip®, Ballistic Tip Lead-Free™, Partition®, Custom Competition™, Sporting Handgun™, CT Ballistic Silvertip®, Trophy Grade™ Ammunition, NoslerCustom® Ammunition, Cartridge Brass and NoslerCustom® Rifles contact: Nosler, Inc., P.O. Box 671, Bend, Oregon 97709, 1-800-285-3701,

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